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The purse is the essence of every woman.

The combination of different designs, colors and materials make us unique, the handbag reflects our personality, it accompanies us faithfully in every moment of our day, even the way we carry our purse would say a lot about us. What was born as a male accessory, is undoubtedly the accessory most loved by women today.

We are constantly looking for new designs and for us it is important to choose the right purse at every occasion; in fact, no one would be surprised looking in our closets, it is well known that we are very proud of our indefinite number of bags. None of us could do without them.

La Princi is born from the passion for the fashion in our country, Italy. We have seized the charm of Italian fashion and the mastery of manufacturing tradition, we offer leather handbags made in Italy for every occasion. The value of Italian handbags is found in the attention to detail, all our leather purses online are made with traditional techniques and quality raw materials.

Among our purses from Italy there are refined and elegant models for the most important events. Additionally, we have the casual fashion bags online, yet original for our daily moments. In our shop you find from the best Italian purses online most fitting with the current season to the classic styles, it’s well known that some classic models cannot be replaced. Among our models you can find handbags, shoulder bags, clutches and backpacks.

Unlike clothes, a leather bag made in Italy can gain value and become even more beautiful with the passage of time, it is in fact the perfect gift when we want to surprise someone.

Visit our made in Italy handbag online store, choose your purse or the one to give to a person that you care about. On our site you can buy freely without registration, the purchase process is simple, fast, and payments are processed securely. For more information please visit our page buying guide.

leather bag made in Italy
leather handbag made in Italy
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