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What your bag says about you


Fashion designers and body language experts agreed that the choice of the bag would go well beyond a mere matter of clothes matching. In fact, the way we carry the bag reveals important characteristics of our personality.

The most common ways to carry bags:

Worn Over the Shoulder
The woman who carries the shoulder bag tends to be a practical woman or anyway by that time she needs to move freely. She is more concentrated in her functions than in her appearance.However, even the way of carrying the shoulder bag would reveal certain differences. In fact, carrying it on the shoulder and keeping it in front of the body would mean being cautious, stand on the defensive or being shy. Bring it instead to the shoulder but behind the body means being in a hurry or being busy, we are concentrated in our thoughts.

Worn Around Elbow
In this way we are limiting the use of a hand, we move around the world with one hand, we feel confident about our position.

Held in Hand
We want to make ourselves noticed, we want to draw attention to ourselves, we are formal, we’re often career women proud of our jobs.

We are adventurers. We are not intent on calling attention to ourselves, we want to be comfortable and discover the world.